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Review-Meet Me In The Middle by Kelly Collins

23158270 Book Title – Meet Me In The Middle
Author – Kelly Collins
Publisher – 
Genre- Fantasy –Romance


Kara has serious doubts about herself after the birth of twins. She had no idea it would be so hard taking care of one baby, let alone two. With her self-esteem fading into oblivion, she’s forced to choose between being a mom and having the career she always wanted. Kara is stubborn and refuses to ask anyone for help, even her husband.

Dave loves his wife and new daughters more than anything, but since the girls were born, he feels Kara slipping further away from him. Will Kara realize she doesn’t have to conquer the world alone and find her way back to Dave? Will her meddling mother-in-law use this opportunity to sabotage her and Dave’s marriage?


Kelly Collins



Kelly Collins is the author of Contemporary Romance Novels with her first published book being Tempo. She is in love with the idea of love. She has been married to her husband for 24 years and has three wonderful children. She is crazy about hockey and lemon drop martini's and stops for anything that's shiny.



This is a short novella.  It is a great quick read if you have a little time while waiting for a doctor's appointment or heading to work on the bus or train.  For a novella it was really good.  The only drawback I seen with the book was that I wanted more :)

In this story you meet Rachel.  She is a 20 something kindergarten teacher in Hollywood.  She loves her job as a teacher and cherishes the fact that she can inspire young minds.  She seems to be somewhat of an easygoing character within the story.  She has a chance meeting with a movie star when her best friend has an emergency to handle.

Miles Stevenson is a movie star getting ready to promote his new movie.  He is in a restaurant waiting to meet his on screen love interest to discuss something when his eyes alight upon Rachel.  He walks right up to her and asks for her help with something.  The evening goes well from there.

In this book there is some steamy scenes and a little bit conflict.  There is enough to draw you in to the story.  It is a simplistic read, but sometimes you just need something light and if you do this is it!



Katrina gave Meet Me In The Middle

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