Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review-Lady Bess by Claudy Conn

17857961 Book Title – Lady Bess
Author – Claudy Conn
Publisher – BC Publications 
 Historical Romance

Bess Saunders has fallen in love. He is big, he is charmingly masculine, and his Scottish accent sends her reeling with very unmaiden-like desires.

Having inherited his mother’s English home and title, Earl of Dunkirk of Scotland is considered a prize catch by the haute ton. He knows one day he will have to marry to carry on his name, but he wants a wife who ‘understands’ they will each go their own way after she gives him an heir - a marriage of convenience.

Lady Bess does not fit into those plans. How could she? She is exquisite, yes, but she is also an innocent who expects faithfulness. He won’t ruin an innocent, and yet, he can’t get her out of his head.

All this time, and right in their midst, evil hovers. Although Bess doesn’t look for it, she finds it - and Bess is not your average, simpering female. She takes on danger and mayhem like she does everything else: full throttle.

Adventure ensues as we travel with Bess through romance and the battle of her life



Claudy Conn


I  really enjoyed this book. it is an historical romance. From first chapter I was engrossed This book is funny and has all the typical factors that make all Claudy Con's book a pleasure to read. there is romance. mystery, adventure, and fun to read Bess is her own person and I enjoyed her connection with John was fun to watch come to fruition Bess has a best friend wh has a husband Robby that is so funny . I recommend this book. Get to know Claudy Conn, she writes very entertaining books, and you will crave more .





Rosemary gave Lady Bess
5 stars

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