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Blog Tour-The Witchling Grows Up by Mary Moriarty

Dylan Pendragon is not what she appears to be. She appears to be a twenty

something, hippy, new-age follower... When in fact she is a ninety-year-old,

witchling from one of the oldest families connected with witchcraft.

She has yet to get any powers so to speak. But she is destined to be the most

powerful witch of them all...

And she is a virgin.

Justice is a seven thousand years old Vampire. He is the oldest friend to his

former king of their kind, Cormac O’ Heachthanna. There are three things that

vampires love. Blood, fighting and sex and not necessarily in that order. Justice

lost his wife about six thousand years ago, so he has devoted his life to keeping

mankind safe... and he has had no sex in that many years.

The Dark One has one thing on his mind. Capture Dylan Pendragon and take

what he thinks is his... her virginity and her power which will blossom like a rose

once she is taken. He will do anything to get her and that power or die trying.

In the course of one night under a full moon two become connected and set into

motion events that can’t be stopped that will ultimately bring victory for some or

one and the rest will be cast into the underworld for eternity and beyond.

Can Justice show Dylan he wants to protect her without touching her? Will he

listen to his heart where love that has been dormant for so long, and is waiting to

be released?

 Will Dylan allow Justice to protect her so she can figure out how to get her

powers and be strong enough to fight the Dark One? Or will she fall and be the

sacrifice that the Dark One intends her to be.

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Author Info

I grew up in New England surrounded by a lot of history and storytelling by my father

who was from the Mid-Coast of Maine. What I remember of my mother was her love of

fairy tales, the wee people and poetry. So it’s no wonder I would one day write.

When I am not writing, I read. Of course I love Romance but can’t read the same genre

that I write so I read mysteries, memoirs and history... I love history, especially Medieval

and WWII.

I don’t generally watch TV but I love Downton Abbey.

My favorite authors... Mmmm, well let me see. Jane Austen, the late Elizabeth Peters,

LM Montgomery, Loretta Chase, J.R.Ward , Sharon Kay Penman and Pamela Kaufman

to name a few that come to mind.

What do I do when I am not writing? I am a mother of seven, four still at home. I have a

home filled with pets, four dogs and six cats. I write seven days a week.

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Chapter 1

Cornwall England

Dylan ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She ran for the sake of running. She ran to catch

the clouds that drifted on the breeze. She ran because her dragon was going to catch her

and bring her back for lessons if he caught her, and he could catch her. She wanted just a

few moments of piece and quiet. All the women of the house were driving her crazy. They all

thought she should use her magic but she had other ideas.

She ran till she came to the cliff and then with out further thought, climbed down over the side

and into the giant eagles nest. She moved the baby eaglets aside, fished out scraps of meat

she had brought from the house. Gave them to the babies and then sat back. She heard a

commotion and knew the parents were coming back and probably her dragon. “Drat!”

She heard wings beat the air. “There is no need for you to come after me, I will come home

when I darn well please.”

Her firedrake flew in a circle in front of the cliff. The parents of the eaglets were not happy with

his presence but he had assured them he meant their young no harm... it was his young who

was in the nest at the moment and he needed to extract her.

“Tân, are you still there?”

Fire or as Dylan called him in Welsh, Tân, hovered near the entrance of the nest. “Please come

home... it’s your heritage and birthright to learn... how do you expect to get along in this world if

you don’t learn more of the ways of old?”

Dylan pulled a biscuit out of her apron’s other pocket. She was hungry, but when was she not.

Mama said, she ran wild till the magic overtook her, the same will happen to me. I can already

control certain elements, why do I need classes?

Tân flew in and sat down on the nest. He ignored the parents of the eaglets. “You are destine

to be a great witch, you must learn to control your powers.”

This was the first Dylan had heard this. “I didn’t know.”

Her firedrake nodded his head. “That is why I was called when you were born. You will be great

someday but with that comes a certain risk. The Dark One is not happy that your power gets

greater with each day... some day he will call you out or cause trouble.”

Dylan pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them. “Tell me, what do you mean.

The women never tell me anything, like I am a china doll and must be kept on a pedestal.

Uncle comes infrequently. He is on his revenge quest to rid the world of Talbots. What kind of


 “Come home and I will give you a history lesson. You come from an ancient line of magic. One

as old as this earth. Sometimes it’s been hard on us, on your family. Your Grandmother and

Great Grandmother were killed because of the Dark One. He used mortals to do his dirty work.

I am afraid he will rise up again. You must be strong enough to withstand. Stronger than the

other members of your family. You must defeat him with the light that is buried inside you. It

comes out once and a wee while.”

Tân could see he had her attention. “Come home and I will give you a history lesson.”

Dylan could see the parents of the now sleeping eaglets swooping and crying. She watched as

Tân spoke to them to smooth their ruffled feathers.

Dylan stood. “Ok if we must but you must give me a ride home.”

Her firedrake bowed in front of her. “Your wish is my command.”

As they neared home, the large cottage on the knoll of the hill that overlooked the ocean her

firedrake let her down. Dylan looked at her dragon and then smiled. Resting her head on his she

patted his nose. “I don’t know how you live with me?”

Tân closed his eyes. He loved his charge more than life itself. “I wouldn’t want to live life without

you. You are mine and I am yours.”

He felt her pat his neck, he let a rumble go. The ground shook.


Molly wiped her hands and ran to the window. I do hope Rose, that dragon found her.”

Rose put a towel over the bread dough and set it to rise. She much preferred living here than

living in London. “Don’t worry Cousin... Tân will find her... that’s probably what the rumble was.

It’s a dragon’s happy rumble.”

They both jumped to the door flying open and Dylan ran in with her dragon flying in behind her.

“I’m back!”

“About time.” Molly said.

Bess the sister of Dylan’s Great grandmother came out from one of the back rooms. “We need

help figuring a spell for our guest and you need to learn so we will kill two birds with one stone,

as they say.”

Dylan put some broth in a bowl and placed it down for Tân to drink. “Is Bella coming around?”

Molly nodded her head. “Yes, and thanks be to the Goddess.”

Tân looked up from his bowl of broth. “I have never seen a house like this, witches and

vampires co-existing like you do, so well.”

Bess grabbed a bottle of tincture. Looking at the label she smiled. “We have a common bond,

we all want to see Bella heal.”

The back bedroom door swung open. The doorframe was filled with a giant.

“She asks for you Molly.”

Molly grabbed the bottle of tincture her grandmother held for her. “I will be right there Cormac.”

Tân shook his head. “Like I said this, is a different house for sure...” He saw the look he got

from Molly and Dylan. “Well a dragon is entitled to his opinions...Now Dylan get ready for your

history lesson...”

Dylan took the rabbit meat that hung over the sink. “Come Tân, we will go have our lesson

outside, and you can eat too.”

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