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Review-Hungry Moon:Quick Silver by Claudy Conn

16168599 Book Title –  Hungry Moon:Quick Silver
Author –  Claudy Conn
Publisher – Claudy Conn
Genre –Fantasy > Paranormal 

Ravena MacAllister doesn’t want to admit what she is. She wants to continue pretending she’s just human … only human, like her mother, like her friends.
She isn’t human.
Heartbreak and betrayal send her off rushing to Scotland, to a familiar haven where she has spent so many summers with her father, but she soon discovers that everything has changed.
From the moment she meets Quinn MacValdane, shock waves travel through him to her and back again, wrapping them in a tide of passion she had never dreamt possible. But if they are to have a future together, she must confront who and what she is, for she will need to call on the powers within her as she becomes embroiled in an adventure that will alter her life forever.
The time for pretending is over.

Claudy Conn   
I am so happy you stopped by.
Some of you may know me as Claudette Williams/Melanie Davis, two names I used when I was writing regency and historical romances. In more recent years, I fell in love with the fantasy/paranormal world of romance as well.
I created my Legend series. The first, Spellbound-Legend was received with great success and I went on to continue the series. However, I wrote Prince Prelude-Legend, as a backstory for the Legend series.
My readers fell in love with Prince Breslyn, as I did, and I went on to write his backstory in Prince in the Mist, FREE. I did the same for my Queen,Aaibhe in Aaibhe, Shee Queen, also free.
I wrote over 40 mass market bestsellers for Random House, Doubleday, and Zebra in the past, but now, I have become an Indie Author.
As an Indie author, I still want to give my readers the best that I can, so I have a wonderful professional editor, a copy editor and an amazing cover artist.
In the meantime, some of my historical romance fans have asked for more in that genre and I have been hard at work rewriting and updating my regency romances and making them more realistic and spicy. I also created my bestselling paranormal regency, Netherby Halls.



Hungry-Moon Quicksilver by Claudy Con is a action packed plot with werewolves, magic and
hot men.  It is full of heartache and emotions that will keep you pulled in until the
very end!

Carol gave Hungry Moon:Quick Silver
5 stars

Review- Shrapnel's Kiss by Amy Rachiele

Book Title – Shrapnel's Kiss
 Author – Amy Rachiele
Publisher –  Amy Rachiele
Genre – Military Romance

 In a war torn Afghanistan, Junie signs up for a Peace Corps assignment involving recently orphaned children. She wasn't expecting a lavish experience. She knew it would be primitive and dangerous, but it turned out to be way more difficult than she could have imagined.

Captain Tyler Alexander, U.S. Army, Infantry: Mission first and mission ready is his motto but he realizes it all has a deeper meaning when he meets Junie--a Flower-power Peace Corps volunteer.

From the author: My husband did two tours in Afghanistan. I wanted to write something semi-authentic so he gave me descriptions of the sites and sounds of the country in wartime


Amy Rachiele is a military spouse and brat who spent many years volunteering and on staff for the Army National Guard and Department of Veteran Affairs with family support, family readiness, as well as, families of the Fallen. Amy devoted 10 years to teaching at-risk students in the Providence School System. She holds a Master's degree from Rhode Island College in English and Secondary Education. She volunteers her time at the local library facilitating a writer’s group in the hope of inspiring other writers. Besides writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, sewing, and traveling. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her son and husband.

I received this from the author as a beta read for honest feedback and a review. 

Shrapnel's Kiss was quite a ride. The author draws you in with lots of detail. You get drawn in by her descriptions and her attention to details of smells, sights, sounds, all of it. It was a really good quick read.

Junie is a 20 year old new Peace Corp worker that just signed up to help at a orphanage in Afghanistan. She is trying to escape a life she felt lost in. She went to try and find herself and through several extremely stressful events she is able to find herself again.

Tyler is a captain in the Army that is tasked out along with his crew to escort 3 civilians to a orphanage. He isn't too thrilled about it because he sees them as hippies and isn't interested. Everything changes in one faithful night and his life changes.

If you are looking for super steamy this isn't for you because of where the story takes place it is more about the connection between the characters and the ordeal they go through together rather than the steam. It is still a well written story, and worth a read.

                      Katrina gave Sharpnel's Kiss

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Review-Break Me Down by Tasha Gwartney

Break me down Book Title – Break Me Down
Author – Tasha Gwartney
Publisher –Tasha Gwartney
Genre –Romance

After a dark night leaves her life changed forever, eighteen-year-old Shay is left to pick up the broken pieces of her life. Living the past year with a horrible secret, she closes herself off to the world and the people that she loves most. As much as she tries she can’t seem to move past that moment that changed her life.All Brice has ever known is pain. Growing up with a mother who always worked to give him what he needed and a father who abandoned him at the age of seven, he never really knew what it felt like to be a part of a happy home. When Brice and Shay meet, the sparks between them are undeniable.
Love is the last thing that Shay wants or needs… but how to you deny someone that feels so right?
But everyone has secrets…
When Shay’s past comes back to haunt her…
Can Brice handle the secrets she has kept from him?
Or will Shay's secrets finally break them apart


Tasha Gwartney  

Tasha Gwartney currently resides with her husband, son and two huskies in Louisiana. She is a Military wife and mother. She loves to read and write poetry. Tasha is currently trying her hand at writing novels.

This is such a great book!! I read it in one day. I couldn't put it down Tasha Gwartney sucks you in from the very beginning. You fall in love with her characters! This is about two young adults trying to fix the broken pieces in their lives! Will they end up mending the pieces together? Pick up this great book and find out!

            Carol gave Break Me Down
5 stars

My Interview With Author Diana Marie DuBois

Sassy: What got you into writing / what made you sit down and actually start something?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois : A friend of mine was in a popular Role Playing group on facebook and I was allowed as the first ‘human’ ever to enter their home. I interviewed the people as the characters they played for my blog. After I’d posted the interview I was told I should try out, that I was a natural. Never ever did I think I was a writer. But, with lots of encouragement I tried out and later became part of the family.  As I would read my Storylines to my dad he would tell me that it was great. Though he never could understand why I was writing fan fiction for someone else. I needed to write my own stories he would tell me. So after a few months of him telling me this, I did sit down and by the time he left I had about 1,000 words written down.

Sassy: Are you a planner/panster when it comes to writing a story?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois : Haha I’m such a panster. I usually just write what my characters tell me and change things here and there depending on which way the story goes. But with a novella I did have to write an outline to make sense. I will tell you this when Marie Laveau wakes me up to give me a scene or dialogue, I listen to her. Hehehe.

Sassy: What has been your highlight since becoming a published author?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : Since I’m not published yet, I don’t have one. But I have gotten compliments on my stories. One in particular, I was told by an author I met at ARC, my ideas were unique and for me to hurry and publish.

Sassy: What do you do in your spare time?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : Spare time, what’s that. Hahaha Well, I like to read and read everything I can. Of course I visit New Orleans which is a huge inspiration for my stories.

Sassy: Do you get writers block? If so, how do you overcome it?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : I actually have writers block now. A certain character has been quiet lately, just waiting for him to start talking again. So I can finish his book. I was told by an author that if you ever have a bout of writer’s block, just sit down and write this sentence.... Dear your name... This is what you don’t know about me. She swears it works. So I will be trying that.

 Sassy: Can you share a little of your most recent book or series with us?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : Let’s see, it's about a girl who finds out she is a witch only to realize her sexy boyfriend has a terrible secret, one sadly he doesn't even know about. Toss in a handful of a magical Great Dane, a pinch of evil and a dash of Marie Laveau and stir. I hope y'all will enjoy the first book in my series Voodoo Vows.

Sassy: What advice would you give for new authors?

Author Diana Marie DuBois : Learn, learn learn everything you possibly can from others, but be careful what advice you take. And always remember this is your book, your baby so stand your ground when it’s important to you. Another thing, it take a village to get your book out so respect those who help you out.

 Sassy: What is one thing about yourself you want your readers to know?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois : I want them to know that I write not only for myself but also for the public and I want them to enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

 Sassy: Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois: Actually, I have two favorites. Anne Rice and Ernest J Gaines. Both are able to make you feel as if you are in the pages of the books sitting with the characters themselves. Anne Rice has a way of writing her characters that today still send a chill to crawl up and down my spine whenever I am in New Orleans at night. Ernest J Gaines’s writing is cohesive and when I read A Gathering of Old Men I felt for these characters, I wanted to save them.

 Sassy: What books have most influenced your life most?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois: I would have to say hands down Interview with the vampire. Anne Rice made vampires cool and if not for her I don’t think we would have the vampire craze we do now. Also Farenheit 451 because the idea of burning books and the thought of someone telling me I can’t read certain books infuriates me.

Sassy: Would you or do you use a PR agency? Why?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois: If the time arises yes I would use one. I think they would be able to get my book out some more. But we all know the way to actually succeed is word of mouth.

 Sassy: What is your favorite positive saying?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois : Most anything from Winnie the Pooh. LOL But my favorite is
“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh A. A. Milne

Sassy: Do you write full-time or part-time?

Author Diana Marie DuBois : Unfortunately I have a day job which may I add is a great place for research. I’m an assistant librarian, so I don't write full time.

 Sassy: Who designed your book cover/s?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : Anya Kelleye who is family to me. I bring her an idea and honestly as many times as I’ve changed a cover a day or two later, I’m surprised she still works with me. Hahahaha She is extremely patient and an angel to work with.

 Sassy: Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : I actually do. It’s the first thing people see of your book. It should encompass what is inside the pages. It should draw the reader to want to pick your book up.

Sassy: What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : At first I was nervous about bad reviews, but I know deep down not everyone will like it. But, if a few people do love it and write a review then I am good. I remember one time a friend of mine was upset she had her first bad review and someone responded well now you’ve made it. So I will look at it from that point of view.

 Sassy: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : People not being thankful for what they have.

Sassy: Tell us about your family.

Author Diana Marie DuBois  : My family is the best. I know everyone says that but they are. My parents are there for me no matter what. I have six beautiful fur babies who I love dearly. Don’t be surprised if you see them in future books. My oldest Great Dane who recently passed away is the muse for Athena.

Sassy: Does your family support your writing?

 Author Diana Marie DuBois : Most definitely.

Sassy: What is your favorite recipe? Please include it.

Author Diana Marie DuBois : Pralines and yes they are mentioned in the book.


 1 cup granulated sugar

 1 cup packed brown sugar

 1/2 cup evaporated milk

 4 tbsp butter, cubed

 2 tsp vanilla extract

 1.5 cups toasted pecans, coarsely chopped


1. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with aluminum foil and spraying the foil with nonstick cooking


2. In a medium saucepan combine the brown sugar, granulated sugar, and evaporated milk over

medium heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then insert a candy thermometer.

3. Cook the candy, stirring occasionally, until the candy reaches 240 degrees on the thermometer.

4. Once the proper temperature is reached, remove the pan from the heat and drop the chunks of

butter on top, but do not stir. Allow the pan to sit for one minute.

5. After a minute, add the vanilla extract and the pecans, and begin to stir smoothly and constantly with

a wooden spoon. Soon the candy will begin to get thicker and lighter in color.

6. Continue to stir until the candy starts to hold its shape. It should still be easy to stir, however. It is

important not to stir too much, as pralines quickly go from fluid to rock-solid. Once it is a lighter, opaque

brown and holds its shape, quickly begin to drop small spoonfuls of the candy onto the prepared baking


7. Work quickly to form the candies, as the pralines will start to set in the saucepan. If the candy stiffens

before you’re done scooping, add a spoonful of very hot water and stir until it loosens, then continue

scooping until you have formed all the pralines.

8. Allow the candy to fully set at room temperature, for about 30 minutes. Store New Orleans Pralines in an airtight container at room temperature.






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Book Links: (* American, UK, etc.)


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Cover Reveal-Body by Audrey Carlan

From the Author who brought you The Falling Series, Audrey Carlan proudly brings you
  her new Erotic Series ~ The Trinity Trilogy, Body, Mind and Soul.

Title:   Body (Trinity Trilogy, Book 1)
Author:   Audrey Carlan
Genre:   Erotic Romance
Release Date:   November 17, 2014
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Blog Tour:   November 17-21, Sign Up Here:



Men ruin women. 
Especially men like Chase Davis. Good looking, intelligent, rich and powerful. I never stood a chance. 

I didn’t want to want him. 
I didn’t want to need him. 
I didn’t want to fall for him. 

He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I let him consume me. Arrogant, confident, controlling, demanding ... intense. 

When he entered my life, I was finally healing after having barely survived the men of my past. My soul sisters told me to take a chance. To let someone in. I let him in, and he surrounded me with a light so bright I was blinded by the truth... 

Men don’t ruin women. 
They devour them in every way that counts. 

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. BODY is book 1 of a three-part trilogy. Book 1 has a “Happy for Now” type ending.


Audrey Carlan is a professional fundraiser for an international healthcare related charity by day, and a sensual and erotic contemporary romance writer by night. She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious...the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not raising money, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

In life she believes that all things have their purpose even if we are unable to determine the purpose immediately.

Amazon Author Page:
Facebook: https://
Email address:

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Release Day Blitz-The Truth by Kelley Grealis

The Truth, book 3 in The Descendant Vampire Series, is ready for you to sink your fangs into!
You discovered the vampire’s origin in THE DESCENDANT</ b>, and what that meant for Allison Carmichael, the first descendant to exhibit signs of vampirism.</ o:p>
You joined Allison in THE SEARCH as she relentlessly hunted for information on the whereabouts of her husband.
Now find out why it all happened in the first place in THE TRUTH. Does everything happen for a reason, or is there a puppet master pulling everyone’s stings?
Fresh out of vampire detox, Allison Carmichael has her cravings for human blood under control...just in time for the rest of her life to take a downward spiral.
After a loved one is murdered, Allison receives a cryptic message from the deceased. A warning to trust no one, not even those closest to her.
In order to identify the murderer, Allison must trust a mysterious stranger and piece together a series of clues while under the suspicious eye of a jealous boyfriend, a vengeful archangel and a jittery Ruling Council. When information is unearthed about the murderer and Allison’s lineage, her world isn’t the only one that’s rocked.</ div>
They say that the truth will set you free, but will that be the case for Allison and those she loves?</ div>
THE TRUTH is available NOW via these sites:</ span>
Amazon, Barnes and Noble</ span>, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords!
About the Author

Kelley Grealis has loved all things vampire since she was a kid. It was that fascination, combined with the need to know how the first vampire was created, that compelled her to write the type of vampire novel she had always wanted to read. Kelley was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and continues to live in the area with her husband and their two fur babies. She likes her cars fast and motorcycles loud and is a craft beer snob. When she’s not writing, she’s working at her day job, cruising in her convertible or enjoying a beer at her favorite local brewery. </ div>

Connect with Kelley on her website</ span>.</ o:p>
Join us for the release day party on Facebook October 21st!

Release-Day Blitz-Last Light by M. Pierce

Title:   Last Light (Night Owl Trilogy Book #2)

Author:   M. Pierce

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Genre:   Contemporary Erotic Romance


Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper—and hotter—in Last Light, the second

novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce.

Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of

climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead.

Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret: she knows Matt is alive. After Matt's memorial service, she

lingers on the East Coast with his family, but it soon becomes clear that his brothers' motives are

less than gracious. Nate Sky is bent on tracking down the author of Night Owl, a book that charts

the last days of Matt's life with uncanny and scandalous accuracy, and which appeared only after his

death. Seth Sky is bent on getting Hannah into his bed.

Hidden away in the woods, Matt and Hannah strive desperately to maintain their ruse and their

relationship—but their web of lies only tightens as Matt struggles with the consequences of his

decision, and Hannah tries to escape Nate's libel suit and fend off Seth's advances...until Hannah is

put in danger, and Matt must make a life or death choice.

Goodreads Link:



Barnes & Noble:







Other Books in the Trilogy:

Title:   Night Owl (Night Owl Trilogy Book #1)

Author:   M. Pierce

Genre:   Contemporary Erotic Romance



"Tautly written, complex, and vibrating with a dark sensuality that will have you at once blushing and

anxious. You'll think you have this book pegged . . . but you'll be wrong."—Christina Lauren, New

York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors of The Beautiful Bastard series

From bestselling ebook author M. Pierce comes the first novel in a provocative erotic trilogy where

an anonymous online writing partnership turns into an uncontrollable, passionate obsession

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance,

and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is


Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and


Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to

ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's

passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

Goodreads link:





Barnes & Noble:




Title:   After Dark (Night Owl Trilogy Book #3)

Author:   M. Pierce

Release Date: March 24, 2015

Genre:   Contemporary Erotic Romance



In the final novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce, can a passion that has

withstood many ordeals become a love strong enough to last a lifetime?

At twenty-nine, Matt Sky is trying to return to normal, having faked his death and come back to life.

He and Hannah move to a simple house in the suburbs, and strive to grow their relationship into

something durable and honest. They become more and more entangled, in the best ways possible.

At twenty-eight, Hannah finally has the life she's always wanted: she's pursuing her career as a

literary agent at Granite Wing Agency, she is writing her first solo novel, and she is living with her

hot, passionate lover. For the first time, Matt and Hannah are able to explore intimacy without

inhibitions—without lies, secrets, or jealousy—and the results are explosive.

Still life together is not as easy as it seems. Matt is estranged from his brothers in the wake of his

cruel stunt; Seth Sky, embittered by his failed pursuit of Hannah, makes a play for Hannah's sister;

and the topic of Hannah's novel—her relationship with Matt and the Sky family—is driving a wedge

between her and Matt. The lovers are devoted to one another, having come through many ordeals,

but is their bond strong enough to last a lifetime?

Goodreads Link:



Barnes & Noble:




Excerpt (Graphic Teasers included as well)

            Matt insisted on carrying me to the bathroom. I hugged his neck.

            “Matt, you realize I can walk with a black eye, right?”

            “I’ll be the judge of that.” He set me on the counter and I squeaked; the marble

was frigid under my bare bottom. He dropped one of my bath bombs in the tub and

watched it fizz and color the water purple.

Once, I managed to convince Matt to use a bath bomb with me. It was called

a “sex bomb” and it was supposed to “put us in the mood” with “exciting scents” and

“natural pheromones.” I grinned at the memory. As soon as Matt realized the bomb was

coating his skin in sparkles, he leapt out of the tub ranting about “looking Twilighty” and

“smelling like a girl.”

            “What’re you grinning at?”

            “You.” I smiled. “And this bath, which is such a transparent effort to avoid saying

goodbye. Sweet... but transparent.”

            Matt frowned and paced the small space of the bathroom. Ha! I was right. Matt

planned to leave me in the tub and slip away.

My poor, adorable night owl—he really had issues with goodbyes.

            “No,” he mumbled. “Maybe...”

            “Can I induce you to stay a little longer?” I uncrossed my legs deliberately and

spread them. Matt watched. He folded his arms and tilted his head.

            “How does your cheek feel?”

            “They’re cold.” I grinned.

            “And you say I’m bad.” He slid me off the sink and turned me. I watched our

reflection through the patchy steam on the mirror. Matt—God, he was so tall, and the

look on his face was arresting. He wanted me. I knew that look.


About the Author:

M. Pierce is the bestselling author of Night Owl, book one in the erotic Night Owl Trilogy. The author

lives in Colorado and owns a rabbit named Laurence.








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Blog Tour-Forgiving Gia (Rocker Series #2) by Gina Whitney

Abel Gunner is a rock-star with legendary skills both in and out of the bedroom. He swore he wouldn't fall for another woman after being schemed and manipulated by an ex-lover. He kept that vow until he met Gia Mastro. The Dom inside of him awoke the moment he set eyes upon the submissive beauty. His dark soul hungered for her submission and affection. The deep connection they share leaves him desperate for something he never expected – her love. Her pain brings him the pleasure he craves. Her smile calms the beast that rages within him. Gia loves Abel more than life itself, but Abel is disillusioned by love and wrecks Gia in the process. Her life hangs in the balance. His life depends on forgiving her. This couple must face many truths. Is love enough to overcome the damage that dwells within? Gia’s experiences with love have been nil until meeting the infamous bad-boy rocker, Abel Gunner. Swept up in a mind-bending, Dom/submissive love affair, she’s forced to make decisions that both help and hurt their relationship. They both have to face their demons before they can embrace a future together. In the end, they’re faced with two choices: Fight for their love, or die with their demons.
Buy Now

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I grew up reading Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew books. I was raised in the town of North Valley Stream, New York(Long Island), and attended community college for fashion design. At 19 years old I opened a boutique. Recently, I published my second novel Beautiful Lies(erotica). Saving Abel(Erotic-Rock-Romance) will be my third and will be published June 30th. When I'm not writing, you can find me with friends and family. I live in Massapequa, NY with my two beautiful boys PJ and Drew, and our Mastiff Hercules. Reading has always been a passion and obsession. You can usually find me typing furiously while shouting obscenities over my latest WIP. My guilty pleasures are: a good laugh, being snarky, espresso, Pistachio ice-cream, alternative music, sunflower seeds, I.P.A's, twizzlers, and above all steamy swooning angst filled novels. I'm pathologically obsessed with True Blood(Eric ;), Games of Thrones, White Queen, Vampire Diaries, Resurrection, and The Originals. If you'd like to chat. Hit me up on Facebook or twitter.

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