Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review-Blood and Bite by Laken Cane

Blood and Bite (Rune Alexander, #2) Book Title – Blood and Bite
Author – Laken Cane
Publisher – Laken Cane
Genre –Fantasy > Paranormal

Shiv Crew is back in book two of the Rune Alexander series.
Rune and the crew--some of them a little healthier, some of them a little more battered--take on new monsters and unbelievable surprises in Blood and Bite.

While Rune is keeping her promise to Ellis and trying to get her mind fixed, the berserker goes away to take care of some business--mysterious business he doesn't share with Shiv Crew.
What he brings back with him knocks the wind out of Rune and makes her question everything she thought she knew about Strad Matheson.
But the worst is yet to come.

With a mad vampire master she must destroy, a child she must save, and unimaginable screams from a past she has to ignore, Rune has her hands full. But there is always something new and terrible waiting in River County--waiting, it seems, just for her.
Because just when she thinks she can't possibly handle one more terrible thing, she discovers a shocking truth about herself, her blood, and her bite


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Laken Cane



Laken Cane is an urban fantasy writer living in Ohio. Her debut book, Shiv Crew, is a dark urban fantasy and is followed by Blood and Bite, Strange Trouble, and Obsidian Wings. New Regime, book 5, is a work in progress.

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I absolutely loved this book! I managed to finish it in one day.
I like that in this book Rune is more accepting of herself after her stay in a clinic. I also like that you get a better insight into what she may actually be. I love all the characters and I have a soft spot for the berserker and Ellis. As the book went on I was hooked, I couldn't put it down. I don't like giving spoilers so all I'll say is, if you loved book one, you're going to not  be able to put book two down until the end. Really can't wait to read book Three which I have just brought along with book four!



5 stars

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