Monday, May 19, 2014

Review Three Rivers by Chloe T Barlow

"A richly nuanced -- and smolderingly clever -- book about letting love shine in places where the past feels bigger than it needs to be. The cast of side characters range from quirky to mysterious, lending tremendous authenticity and depth to a romantic story that is so much more. A one-click must read!" Julia Kent, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author 

"A heartbreaking tale of letting go and learning to love again. A jaw-dropping debut novel you have to read.” - Helena Newbury, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. 

How do you start over when you gave everything to one life, one plan, and lost it all? 

Chloe is a contemporary romance novelist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and their sweet puppy. Chloe has always loved writing and cherishes the opportunity to craft her fictional novels and share them with the world.

When Chloe isn’t writing, she spends her time exploring Pittsburgh with her husband and friends. She also enjoys yoga, jogging, and all Pittsburgh sports. She is an avid reader and wrote her debut novel Three Rivers in her spare time. She loves to research every last detail relating to her books. For example, in an effort to bring authenticity to Three River’s treatment of grief and loss, she consulted with a psychologist and grief counselor during its preparation. 

I happened upon this wonderful author after joining a blog takeover and I am so glad that I took the chance to one click on this book. I loved this story of loss and taking the chance at love again. You do go a little crazy with the back and forth between Althea and Griffen and at times I wanted to scream and throw my iPad. Althea's friends in the story really had me laughing at times with how crazy and funny they were at times. My favorite quote from the book 'They call them the "Three Rivers" but it's really two rivers joining together to form the third. One surrendering to the other to become something bigger and much more important. The Rivers are not lesser for moving on and joining together, they are broader, stronger, and lead to so many more opportunities - as one.' this one made me teary eyed after reading it. This book will really hit your heart and make you think about your life and if you would ever give love a second chance.

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 Three Rivers (A Gateway to Love, #1)
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