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Review Geared to the Present by Dana Bennett

Geared to the Present by Dana Bennett

Geared to the Present, Jones Whitman Time Traveler Series

Genre :Science Fiction
Release Date:February 27. 2014

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Jones Whitman is the story of a young man who, after making unsavory lifestyle choices in Boston society, learns his father, James, has arranged for him to school under the tutelage of Master Wong Fei-hung in Foshan, China. Jones Whitman submits to the teaching, evolving into a strong and ethical young man. Fei-hung, master of Hung Gar gives each student a new name upon graduation. Jones’s new name is 時光旅行者, Time Traveler. Jones spends the next seven years working diligently on a design for a time machine. The Atomotron. When the first human trial is to take place, he inadvertently trips the lever and jumps forward 120 years to Snohomish, Washington, 2012. That’s where the real adventure begins.
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This was the first book I have read by Dana Bennett. Geared to the Present is first and foremost a time travel book. But within the pages is where the real magic happens. I love a good Sci-fi read, and wrapped with just enough romance to keep a girl like me flipping pages. I wasn't sure that I would connect to this book the way I do to most, but I am so glad I sat down and read it cover to cover. The wonderful way the author has chosen to explore the ramifications of time travel, the ethics, and the whims of fate, border on brilliant. Every time I would wonder, the answer is there. And the differences between people of different time periods provides the perfect mix of humor and compassion.

The story focuses around a few main characters. Jones Whitman is a transcendentalist from the later 1800's. He is the nephew of Walt Whitman, and as the story begins, he is engaged to Emily Fuller. Jones is an inventor who has developed a time machine called an atomotron. His charge is Roarke. Jones bought his debt, and the gentle giant stays with Jones, as his aide and friend. Father Carlini is a vile priest who wants Emily, and has it out for Jones. Darcy is a spitfire Jones encounters on his travels, and she helps Jones in his journey.

The story revolves around Jones and his life and how he comes to invent the Atomotron. When an accident sends him 112 years into the future, he needs to work towards figuring out how to fix his machine, and how to get home. Being a man in tune with the universe, Jones listens to the teachings installed by his Master, and his adventures change his whole life.
I found myself laughing out loud reading this book. It is a wonderful, romantic tale of love and loss, the future, and fate. If you love a good story, check this one out. Makes me wish time travel was a reality! It also made me wonder how much of life is fate? My only complaint is that I wish it was longer, I would love to know where their adventures take them after the book ends....Ah, but that will have to wait for another book. (please?)

Heidi gives Geared to the Present

Geared to the Present, Jones Whitman Time Traveler Series

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