Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review The Owl of the Sipan Lord by Viv Drewa

The Owl of the Sipan Lord

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This is a story about a widow who, with the help of an owl and blue eyed spirit, solves her husbands murder, and a 1300 year old mystery in Peru

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Clare, an archaeologist who lost her husband in a freak accident at a dig site, has a strange dream that compels her to go back to Peru. After the death of a professor, she and a ragtag band of associates fly to the place in her vision and discover the spirits of the bloodthirsty Moche - a Peruvian tribe similar to the Mayans in that they had human sacrifices - want the expedition to stop.

The Owl of the Sipan Lord is a quirky ghost story wrapped around a mystery and a sweet romance. It is a bit raw around the edges, but nothing that will stop you from enjoying this from start to finish.

John gave The Owl of the Sipan

The Owl of the Sipan Lord

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