Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review How To Make A Spider by Jake Anderson

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A video game enthusiast loses his mind over a gruesomeless glitch. A revolutionary writes to her son during the 2nd American Revolution. A bleeding heart environmentalist fights for the Earth. An FBI agent investigates a mysterious electromagnetic pulse. An augmented reality expert acquires a precious artifact. What do they all have in common? They're deranged serial killers

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 How to Make A Spider is a chilling horror anthology. The stories have good premises but I feel like some were almost too short. A couple were a little confusing after I read them and I really had to sit there and THINK about them for a bit. So Jake Anderson wrote a book that will stay will you and make you think. I liked ‘Tonight at 10!’ but it was a little confusing at first, it was about an actress auditioning for a role on a new horror TV show/video game. I really had to sit and think about it. I felt that the story jumped around a bit too much without really being too clear about what was going on. But I really liked the idea of it and wished it was longer. It was a great idea. I liked ‘Carbon Offset’, too. It was about a guy who worked for an environmental company and he went door to door collecting donations. The main character goes a little crazy and stalks a family, while getting close to the son. I really wanted to see the son’s reaction at the end of the story. It really made me ask “What happened next?!”.

All in all, I liked this anthology and I would recommend it, but I wish the stories were a little more “fleshed out”, so to speak.

Ashley gave How To Make A Spider

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