Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review-Joyful Leigh by Melanie James

Book Title – Joyful Leigh
Author – Melanie James
Publisher – Melanie James
Genre –Fantasy > Paranormal 

 ‘Tis the season for magical mayhem. Leigh vows upon her magic desk and witch’s broom that Thankshanukkamas will be filled with childlike joy for her, her family, and her friends—even if it kills them. And it may just come to that! With a new publishing contract in hand, the disasterpieces fly from Leigh’s desk. With titles like Sleighing the Elfa-The Elf Pack Book1, Restoring The Old Schlitt House-A “Do Yourself” Romance, Fangin’ the Billion-were, and Gangin’ the Billion-were, the mischief piles up. 

When the EPA (Elf Protection Agency) shows up at Leigh’s door, she’s got some explaining to do. Throw in a couple of retired mobsters, Fur-Con, bats in the belfry, along with a shape-shifting witch, and you’ve got a recipe for catastrophe. Can Leigh and the gang save the fate of all paranormals? Or will this be the end of the line for Leigh and her band of magical misfits?

Melanie James  
Bestselling author, Melanie James spent 14 years as an IT systems administrator before tiring of the hustle and bustle of the technology world. She's doing what she loves, by writing steamy paranormal, contemporary, and romantic comedy books. Melanie has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in Leadership and Development, with a minor in Women's Studies. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Adult Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She will graduate in the spring of 2015.
She is married to a wonderful man, who supports her dreams and goals. She has two children, three step-children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and an adorable grand-baby.
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Melanie James has done it again!  I think I have to say this is my favorite
Leigh book of all of them!  It is full of mishaps and again will have you
laughing out loud. I loved what Hunter said to Leigh!  “The way I see it, life is crazy and unpredictable anyway. I might as well team up with someone who knows how to make it fun, too.”  Loved it!!

Carol gave Joyful Leigh
5 stars

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