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Blog Tour-Secret Sexy Passions (Becoming Her Master and Bittersweet Dreams by P.T. Macias

Becoming Her Master, An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passion

Secret Sexy Passions Series Book 2

Beautiful, ambitious, gritty Eva loves David Adrian but has other plans for her future. Despite 

the fact that they've been together for a while, she coquettishly evades committing to him. 

David Adrian has grown weary of her promises, so he has issued an ultimatum. 

He becomes her Master. They begin to play with bondage and submission, which takes them on 

an incredible journey of love, surrender, and passion.


He pulls her closer to kiss her deeply. He moans into her mouth and he takes over the kiss. He 

slowly strokes every inch and then sucks her tongue. 

Yes. I missed my Baby. I love her kisses, her scent, and her sweet pussy. I need her and I’m 

going to love her this weekend. 

He moves his hand up her shoulder, to bury his hand inside her hair. He holds her close and tight. 

Hell yes, my Baby is hungry. I can tell. She wraps her arms around his neck.

He moves his mouth down her jaw, nipping and sucking his way down to her neck. He whispers, 

kissing and sucking her neck. 

“Baby, you’re going to stay with me all weekend? I can’t wait. Let’s leave this party. I want to 

start our weekend now.” He trembles, holding her tight against him. 

He turns around to move Eva against the tree. He returns to kiss her. He devours her lips, biting 

and sucking her lips. 

Eva slides her right hand down the front of his pants, shaking. Oh yes, my Baby is so ready. His 

cock is so delicious, she thinks. 

She wraps her hand around the head and slides it up and down. His hot sensitive crown leaks 

some hot liquid. Hmm, his cock feels like hot velvet and I know I’m driving him insane. 

David Adrian shudders, erupting in a hot blaze. He pulls back, closing his eyes half way and 

looking incredibly sexy. 

“Baby, I’m ready to explode. We need to leave,” he whimpers. 


I’m P.T. Macias (Patricia), I reside in Sacramento, California with my loving husband, children,

and family. I adore my four beautiful grandchildren. I was born and raised in San Jose,


I love going on cruises, concerts, white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and margaritas. I’m an avid

reader and I love paranormal romance suspense thrillers.

I love writing about drama, suspense, and intrigue. I throw in a dash of love and passion. I'm

intrigued with the different types and depths of love. Love is powerful and motivates an

individual. I'm fascinated with the physiological, spiritual, and psychological process that love

creates. The range and facets of love an individual is capable of feeling is what I strive to

illustrate in my stories.

I love the paranormal genre. I find this genre an exciting challenge and I enjoy writing about the

sexy vampires, werewolves, dragons, and other entities. My greatest thrill in the paranormal

genre is the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop my

characters' and entities' realms.

My champions are amazing, strong men. They're intelligent, sexy, and passionate men that love

with their entire beings.

The lovely ladies in my stories capture the men's hearts. They're smart, sexy, and full of love. My

ladies blossom, mature, and complete my heroes.

A Tempest of Love, Steamy Romance, Intrigue, And Suspense. Leaves You Wanting More! An

incredible journey of love, passion, and surrender!

Multi-Genre ~ Steamy Romance Paranormal Mysteries Intrigue Suspense Thriller

Patricia ♥

Bittersweet Dreams, An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passions!

Secret Sexy Passions  

Sean is an amazing confident young man that knows what he wants. He works hard to become a

Navy SEAL! And, of course, he falls for a young beautiful girl, Sofia!

Sofia has been through several foster homes and is now in his home! She has locked up her heart

and erected a wall. Will he be able to knock it down and touch her soul?

Life throws lots of curves and knocks them off the tracks. Will their love survive the obstacles

blocking the road to HEA?

"Baby Girl, you own my soul. My heart beats for you. You're the only reason that I breathe!

You're deeply etched into my psyche!” Sean Knight

Small little excerpt!!

Sean walks down to the last apartment in the corner. He knocks on the door, listening for any

noise inside or outside.

Oh, wow! Someone is knocking and I have to finish getting ready to go to work. Shit! I wish

Carol was here. Where did she go?

Sofia pulls on the sundress that’s across her chair. She slips her feet into her slippers and walks

out of her room. She looks through the peephole and sees a black shirt, wide shoulders, and she

looks up his neck to his face. Hell, I know that’s Sean. The shades don’t disguise his jawline. It’s

him! Her jaw drops open, surprised. Wow, omg. He’s here. It’s Sean. What does he want now

after all of this time? She pulls back, and leans on the door, chewing her lower lip.

I know I heard some steps. It has to be my Sofia. Sean leans forward and knocks again on the

door, looking at the peephole. He slowly smiles at her.

Sofia looks into the peephole again and sees him smiling. Hell, he knows I’m home. She bites

her lower lip.

Sofia opens the door and looks at him. She crosses her arms and waits for him to talk.

Sean grins at her and looks her over. Oh yeah, my Sofia looks the same, if not better. “Baby Girl,

I’m home.”

Sofia glares at him and turns away. She walks into the living room. She stops at the sofa, and

rests her hands on her hips. “Really, you're home? That means what?” She raises her eyebrow at

him. She clenches her hands on her hips to control her rampant emotions of joy, anger, and hurt.*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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 Sinfully Addicting Series By P.T. Macias!

Leaves You Wanting More!

Sinfully Addicting Series By P.T. Macias! Leaves You Wanting More!

De La Cruz Saga Series

Hot Adorable Amor Book 1

Hot Forbidden Amor Book 2

Hot Enchanting Amor Book 3

Hot Spoiled Amor Book 4

Hot Dangerous Amor Book 5

Hot Sassy Amor Book 6

Hot Wild Amor Book 8

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Hot Sexy Amor Book 10

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Razer 8  

Loco, Ghost, Bulldog, Redfox, Phantom, Panther, Thunder, Lightning

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Tequila 10

Darlin Storm, Blushing Dawn, Wild Rebel, Wicked Blush

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Secret Sexy Passions

Becoming Her Master, Bittersweet Dreams

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About P.T. Macias, Author.

My name is Patricia T. Macias. I was born in San Jose, California. I

currently live in Sacramento, California with my family.

I have three children. My eldest is my daughter Erica Crystal. My

middle child is Andres Arturo and my youngest child is Ricardo

Emanuel. I have four beautiful grandchildren. I have three grandsons

and one granddaughter. My granddaughter is only a few months old.

My family is my pride and joy.

I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. I love to

read romance and paranormal. My favorite book is Acheron by

Sherrilyn Kenyon. I also enjoy reading J. R. Ward, Lindsey Sands,

and lots more.

I’ve always dreamed of writing and I’m extremely happy to be

achieving my dream. I wanted to write since I was in elementary. My

characters are my best friends. They’re always talking and living in

my mind and dreams. I would tell you that writing is my passion.

I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of

Science degree in Business Management Administration.

I’ve been working for the same employer for 32 years. I started

working with them when I was eighteen. I’ve been working in my

current technical position for 28 years.

I’ve been writing for approximately three years. I realized one day

that all of my dreams were stories and characters demanding to be


I write without an outline or plan. The stories flow out when I’m

writing. Their personalities and their characteristics are developed. I

see them clearly in my mine. They direct the plot, the scenes, and the


I wrote my first series, the De La Cruz Saga, in one year. The saga has

a subtle influence of Spanish and the Spanish becomes more laced (as

the story progresses).

I write in the present tense because I believe it puts the reader "IN"

the action, rather than as part of an "after thought". I believe it

brings the characters to life!

This is my voice, my style. Dare to read the awesome De La Cruz Saga

that’s full of passion and suspense. Enjoy my latest and greatest series

is Razer 8. The new Razer 8 series is all about action, adventure,

passion, and romance.


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