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Blog Tour-Tequila Ten by P.T. Macias

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Wild Rebel, Tequila 10: Tequila 10 Supernatural

I admire author Patricia Macias; her De La Cruz and Razer 8 series seamlessly meld into the new

paranormal series Tequila 10. These can be read as stand alone works, but are so much better

when read together.

Her style is consistent and her characters epitomize "insta-love" when the heroes and heroines

find their soul mate. Ms. Macias can write seduction hotter than 100 proof tequila laid out on a

six pack in a packed bar on spring break.

Wild Rebel is the story of the Vhampier Emperor Vlastimir's youngest son, Prince Gregory who

is an operative on the Tequila 10 team. The object of his desire is a werewolf which is an issue

due to his title and the demand by the Emperor that he find a an appropriate mate to bring heirs

to the throne.

There is action, there is all kinds of sexy times with a little plot and intrigue mixed in to make for

a smooth flowing story.

If you are at all familiar with this author - you know what you are getting with Rebel's story and

if you do not know Patricia Macias' work - what are you waiting for - get to it!

Tequila 10 is a new series that’s full of paranormal entities. Werewolves, vhampiers, dragons,

and a sorcerer are the supernatural realm enforcers. The special operatives work with the

government, using their special abilities but also have their own agenda. Special operative

monitor the supernatural community, even as they are swept into a whirlwind of love, truths, and

untold passions. The supernatural realms are threatened and endangered. Time is running out!

The enforcers are desperate to stop the menace.

Rebel, the youngest Vhampier prince, loves his independence, his life, and his women. His

Father, the Emperor Vlastimir, has commanded Rebel to stop his wild rebel ways and select a

mate, to procreate.

Rebel continues to enjoy his chosen lifestyle until he meets the beautiful, sexy, passionate

werewolf, Amber Johnson. Rebel and Amber merge as one, against all odds. Their passion

explodes. Their souls bond. Secrets are exposed.






Wild Rebel, Tequila 10

The dawn is beautiful and the waves on the coast are calmly washing up onto the beach. The

whales swim up the coast on their migration to the north. The sun’s rays are starting to illuminate

the sky, magically painting a beautiful sunrise.

The sun seeps through the cracks of the thick, dark navy-blue drapes in the masculine room. The

carpet is a soft caramel color, contrasting with the navy. The designer used the caramel color all

over the room to enhance the room, and to add a dash of softness, a dash of elegant masculine

regal look.

The furniture is huge, masculine, dark mahogany with beautiful marble tops with caramel veins

running through the glowing creamy marble on the dresser and nightstands.

Rebel is on his stomach, naked with the dark navy soft cotton sheet draped over his hips. The

dark color contrasts dramatically against his pale white skin.

His older siblings, Rage and Hunger, teleport into the beautiful house near the ocean’s coast.

They walk down the hall to Rebel’s room, to talk to him.

“Rebel, get your arse up,” bellows Rage. He shakes his head as he walks down the hall. His

boots tap on the marble floor in sync with his brother, Hunger’s, boots contacting the floor.

The two huge men, breathtakingly gorgeous, walk into the master bedroom.

“Our Sire is demanding your presence at the palace,” says Hunger. He walks over to Rebel to

push him over.

“Hell, it’s too early to see him,” retorts Rebel. He turns over onto his stomach again. “Tell him

I’ll be there in a while.” He buries his face into the oversize soft pillow.

“He asked us to procure you because he wants to talk to us three. He’s on a mission to say his

fill,” says Rage.

“Hell, Rebel, you caused this new doctrine that our Sire has penned, because of the hard

carousing lifestyle that you insist on living. We thought you would be done by now. Hell, you’re

almost a century old, you’re not a young adult,” says Rage.

“Damn it, Rebel, get your arse up. I’m tired of your games,” yells Hunger. He pulls the sheet off

his brother, grinning.

Rebel sits up, growling. “Hell, I just fell asleep a couple hours ago. There’s nothing wrong with

me having fun. Like you said, I’m only a tad short of being a century old. I’m not tired of loving

the lovely ladies in all realms. You two are also having fun because I don’t see you mating

anytime soon,” smirks Rebel.

He moves his right hand up to his forehead to push back his black hair. He grins up at his


“Yeah, but we don’t give any cause for rumors or labels of being naughty, wicked, and wild,”

states Rage. He walks over to the dresser to pull out his shorts. He turns to throw them at Rebel,


“Yeah, you’re simply crazy because you could have fun without the realm’s civilians, media, and

sire hearing about it,” laughs Hunger.

Rebel growls, he glares at his siblings. He jumps out of bed and strides quickly to the master

bathroom to shower. His beautiful ass flexes with each step he takes.

The palace is located in the Vhampier realm. The sky is a bright yellow and the sun is hot

fuchsia. The trees, grass and plants are a dark navy.

The palace is located on top of a hillside surround by a beautiful colorful garden. The palace is

guarded by huge Vhampiers dressed in black with silver embellished uniforms. They have long

flowing hair down their backs kept in place by a black leather strip, white fair skin, and brilliant

eyes in all different shades. The Vhampiers are truly gorgeous men.

The palace is beautiful majestic castle made with black limestone with white limestone

decorating the edge. The castle is impressive with the six round towers.

The interior floors are shiny black marble creating the effect of a shiny mirror. Every room is

decorated with rich colors, fabrics and precious stones.

Rage, Hunger, and Rebel walk down the hall towards the Emperor Emmanuel Vlastimir’s

summit room.

The massive embossed wooden doors are closed and guarded. The guards stand steadfast in front

of the doors with their swords ready, directed to execute at signs of a threat.

“At ease,” says Rage. He gazes into the Vhampiers’ eyes.

They scan the Princes to confirm their identities. They salute to the Princes and slide apart to

allow their entrance.

Rage walks into the summit room with Hunger and Rebel following. He stops in the center of the

room facing his Sire. Hunger and Rebel follow and stand next to him.

“Our Sire,” they say, bowing their heads.

“Maximilian, Michael and Gregory, my sons,” replies the Emperor Vlastimir. He stands from his

black velvet covered, gilded chair. His robe is silver with elaborate black trim. He walks towards

them to kiss their cheeks in greeting. His deep black hair has silver threads running at the

temples. He has the most incredible brilliant eyes. He has one blue and one green eye.

“I’m pleased to see that you’ve honored my bidding.”

“Sire, our devotion to you will never be severed,” says Maximilian. He stands tall and straight

with his hands crossed behind his back. Michael and Gregory follow emulating his deportment.

The Emperor Vlastimir returns to his chair, nodding to his sons. He places his hands in front of

him creating a temple. He gazes at his sons.

“My sons, I’ve made a decision in regards to our law on mating with the humans. I believe that

we have to concede our need to invite the humans into our realm. The current status on Vhamps,

available and capable of producing young, is alarming. I also believe that I have to ensure that

the throne is secured. I need my sons to produce heirs. I will not be lenient if you disregard my

mandate. I ask that you immediately start seeking your human mate.

The Emperor Vlastimir stands and walks slowly and regally over to Gregory, Rebel. “My son,

I’m aware of your wild endless carousing. I believe that it’s time for you to stop these insane,

wild games. It’s time for you to grow up.”

Gregory stands tall and straight, clenching his jaw. He stares straight ahead, barely controlling

his outburst. He takes a deep breath and gazes into his Sire’s eyes, nodding. “My Sire, I will do

your bidding.”

The Emperor Vlastimir returns Gregory’s gaze, nodding. He turns to walk over to Hunger and

Maximillian. They also accept his bidding.

The Emperor Vlastimir nods, pleased with their agreement. He returns to his chair. He turns to

them, tapping his fingers on the arm chair.

“There’s another matter that I would like to discuss with you. I’m not entirely pleased in learning

that all three of my Princes are working in the World’s Enforcers team. Your station in the

World’s Realms is significant. I also need you to monitor our business on the earth realm.

“My Sire, we’re taking care of the multinational corporations. We have complete control and

monitor the top executives on a weekly schedule,” responds Rage.

“Sire, the corporations are profitable,” affirms Hunger.

“The investments in the new technology has tripled our wealth,” says Rebel. He clenches his

jaw, frustrated with the meeting.

“My beloved Princes, I’m pleased with your work. I’m going to request that you take extreme

care for your safety when attending to the World Enforcer’s tasks,” says Emperor Vlastimir.

“Sire, I will do your bidding,” says Rage, nodding.

“Sire, I will too,” agrees Hunger.

“Sire, your wishes will be honored,” says Rebel.






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Wicked Blush, Tequila 10 By P.T. Macias 

Excerpt ~

The Draco’s youngest son, Fire, is Blush’s brother. He’s Prince Jonathan Draco, the third in line

for the throne. He has black hair, and his face is sculpted perfectly with a strong jawline. His lips

are full, pouty, and very appealing. He’s a huge muscular gorgeous man but in his dragon form

he’s amazing. His dragon skin is a beautiful sapphire blue that shimmers with a hint of silver.

His eyes are an incredible sapphire blue with silver specks.

“My Emperor, I’m petitioning for another Draco cycle on the earth realm. Princess Josephine is

not ready for the ceremony.” Prince Johnathan stands straight and tall at the front of the altar,

with his feet apart, and his hands at his side.

He’s wearing his Draco royal blue uniform with elaborate embellish silver trim. He looks at his

sire, Emperor Xavier, waiting for his decision.

Emperor Xavier places his hands on the armrests of his gilded silver chair with royal navy

velvet. He squints at Jonathan, assessing the options. He raises his jeweled right hand to adjust

his long flowing black hair.

He frowns, turns his head to look out into the dark blue violet sky. It’s early in the evening on

Dracosmic and the double silver moon and stars sparkle.

I absolutely hate forcing my sweet daughter to marry a stranger. This mating covenant was

drawn by our sires to unite our realms and for the continuation of both Draco Monarchies. That’s

why I’ve been lenient with Princess Josephine.

Emperor Xavier looks over at his two eldest Princes. He closes his eyes, nodding. Yes, I’m

aware that we can mate with humans and that’s what scares Emperor Constantine. Prince Connor

is anxious for the ceremony. They fear that Princess Josephine will fall in love with a human,

breaking the covenant.

The Draco Royal Council is now involved and has requested that I retrieve her. The council

granted Princess Josephine a segment of Draco cycle for her to make an appearance. The

council's next step is to request the Realm Council's assistance.

Prince Zachery stands beside Prince Alexis, the first two heirs. He moves his hand back to rest

on the arm chair.

“My Prince Jonathan, I know that you’re weary of monitoring Princess Josephine but you’re

aware of the necessity to ensure her safety and to ensure she remains chaste. Prince Connor

Dominic is anxious and impatient to wed. His sire, Emperor Emmanuel is anxious for heirs. The

recent death of Prince Landon has prompted his impatience. He originally approved Princess

Josephine's excursion to earth prior to the ceremony. Now this has changed his opinion. Emperor

Constantine Dracostar has solicited the Realm Council to issue a warrant for her arrest if she

doesn’t make an appearance in the next Draco segment. We can’t have Josephine impeached for

breaking the mating covenant. You’re appointed to monitor Blush. You’re her guardian on


Emperor Xavier sapphire blue eyes glow and flash sparks, his nostrils flare, releasing blue

florescent smoke.

Prince Jonathan nods. He bows his head and straightens. “Sire, I understand and I will tell

Princess Josephine.”

Prince Zachery takes a step forward. “Sire, I request permission to visit the earth, realm. It’s been

a couple of Draco cycles since I’ve been allowed to visit.”

Emperor Xavier closes his eyes. Hell, this is too much. I can’t grant Prince Zachery the right to

visit the earth realm, not with the threat on his life. He’s my first born and the heir to the throne. I

can’t and I won’t risk this.

He opens his beautiful sapphire blue eyes, his nostrils flare up, releasing his blue florescent

smoke. “Denied!”

Prince Zachery grinds his molars, but nods. He takes a step back clenching his fists. Hell, I’m

going to visit with or without his approval. This is unreal!

Excerpt ~ 

Here's a little excerpt ~

Connor leans against the wall next to the window watching Josephine aka Blush.

Blush stops in front of the huge Christmas tree. She looks for Storm or Cassie. Geeze, I just saw

them, where did they go?

Blush is wearing a beautiful silky shimmering dusty rose dress that shimmers when she moves.

The sweetheart bodice is fitted down to the waist, the dress has straps that fall off her shoulder in

a cascade of material, and the skirt is a beautiful sheer chiffon that flares out in a cloud around

her thighs. She’s wearing incredible silver strappy shoes that sparkle.

She moves her head and the beautiful diamond chandelier drop earrings sparkle as she moves.

Blush moves her right hand up to her waist and looks around the room. The beautiful diamond

bracelet that looks like a wide cuff sparkles brilliantly.

Connor takes a drink of his coke. Ah, I love her beautiful sapphire blue eyes. Hell yes, she’s

wearing the diamond cuff bracelet that I sent her for her birthday. I wonder if she’s aware of this.

Geeze, almost everyone is a couple. Only a few of us on the team are still single. Hmm, it’s not

like I can fall for someone when I’m already engaged. Yeah, to someone I don’t’ know. This

sucks. She moves her hand to adjust a strand of hair that escaped her diamond clip.

Hmmm, I can feel someone watching me. Who could it be? Wow, I know everyone here. She

slowly turns to look around and notices the handsome young man leaning against the wall near

the window. Uh, I don’t know him but I can tell that he’s a dragon.

She looks at him glancing down to his black shiny leather shoes. She then moves her gaze up his

black slacks, up to perfectly fitted black classic tuxedo. She narrows her eyes, nodding her

pleasure. Oh yeah, the tux fits him perfectly.

Oh yeah, my dragonette is a beauty. I love her style and her black hair is silky shiny beautiful.

Connor takes a drink of his coke.

Blush gaze moves up to scrutinize his perfect square jawline that has a short black goatee

framing his luscious full red lips. She bites her lower lip, moving her gaze up to his eyes.

He moves his gaze up to her beautiful face and gazes right into her beautiful eyes.

Hell yes, she’s noticing me. She doesn’t have a clue she’s mine. I love her blue sapphire eyes.

Omg, those eyes are truly clear turquoise, my favorite color. I’ve only met a few people that have

that beautiful shade of clear turquoise that sparkles.

Blush gazes into his eyes falling, falling deep into his soul. She blinks rapidly, she’s shaken, and

blushing. She turns around and walks over to Storm and Dawn walking into the hall with the

babies in their arms.

Omg, omg I felt his soul and I swear mine merged with his. I can’t do that. I’m engaged and I

can’t fall in love with someone here on earth even if he’s a dragon.

Connor pushes away from the wall and shoves his hands into his pockets. Oh Hell yes, she

recognizes that she’s my soul mate. She felt our souls merge. I want to run after her so badly but

I can’t. I know that she’s afraid of her feelings.

He turns to walk over to the bar to get another coke. Oh hell, I need another drink.

Hello, I’m P.T. Macias (Patricia), I reside in Sacramento, California with my loving husband, children, 

and family. I adore my four beautiful grandchildren. I was born and raised in San Jose, 


I love going on cruises, concerts, white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and margaritas. I’m an avid 

reader and I love paranormal romance suspense thrillers.

I love writing about drama, suspense, and intrigue. I throw in a dash of love and passion. I'm 

intrigued with the different types and depths of love. Love is powerful and motivates an 

individual. I'm fascinated with the physiological, spiritual, and psychological process that love 

creates. The range and facets of love an individual is capable of feeling is what I strive to 

illustrate in my stories.

I love the paranormal genre. I find this genre an exciting challenge and I enjoy writing about the 

sexy vhampiers, werewolves, dragons, and other entities. My greatest thrill in the paranormal 

genre is the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop my 

characters' and entities' realms.

My champions are amazing, strong men. They're intelligent, sexy, and passionate men that love 

with their entire beings.

The lovely ladies in my stories capture the men's hearts. They're smart, sexy, and full of love. My 

ladies blossom, mature, and complete my heroes.

A Tempest of Love, Steamy Romance, Intrigue, And Suspense. Leaves You Wanting More! An 

incredible journey of love, passion, and surrender! 

Multi-Genre ~ Steamy Romance Paranormal Mysteries Intrigue Suspense Thriller

Sinfully Addicting Series By P.T. Macias!

Leaves You Wanting More!

De La Cruz Saga Series  

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Tequila 10

Darlin Storm, Blushing Dawn, Wild Rebel, Wicked Blush

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Becoming Her Master, Bittersweet Dreams

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