Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review-Flawlessly Executed by Ava Armstrong

 When a mysterious young woman from his past shows up at the beginning of the school year, old memories are stirred up for Lieutenant Ben Keegan, which only serves to create tension in his marriage. Meanwhile, Lara is working overtime trying to manage an enormous fortune and thriving architectural firm, while dealing with feelings of loss for her former mentor, Eliot Stone. Lara leans on her good friend, Hawk, for support and he’s always there to help her. Flawlessly Executed has moments of grief, passion, rage, and frustration, and some wonderful moments of intense love. As in real life, there seems to be a force at work that conspires to pull Ben and Lara apart. The question is, will their love endure? A thriller and romance, Flawlessly Executed, Book 3 in the Dark Horse Guardians Series, takes the reader back to the Middle East with Lieutenant Ben Keegan and his team for the biggest hit since Bin Laden. There are moments that are chillingly realistic. Will he return from the mission unchanged or will this be his last one?

Ava Armstrong is a new romance and thriller author. Having spent most of her life in corporate America, she managed to dedicate four months of time this year to write her debut novel, "A Sense of Duty" self-published with her company "Dark Horse Guardians."
Ava Armstrong holds several college degrees and has some great advice for college students. Switch your major to the one subject that you absolutely love. While she obtained degrees in business administration and history, the one constant in her life was writing. She kept English as a minor though her college years. Although an avid reader, writing was always been her favorite pastime and a conduit of communication both for business and pleasure.
Ava lives in New England with her husband and daughter. She has traveled extensively across the country, favoring vacations in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
She has a special place in her heart for those who serve and describes herself as a flag-waving patriot. She avidly supports all veterans, but has a special affinity for those veterans now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. She doesn't hesitate to say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
When she isn't writing, Ava spends time with her family and friends in the backyard garden or enjoys walking on the beach.  

  This is book 3 in the Dark Horse Guardians Series.
I was sucked in with book 1. There is always so
much action and drama.  There is such a love between
Ben and Laura. Their love truly gets tested in this
book.  You will fall in love with the characters. I
love reading books by Ava Armstrong!  She has a way
of pulling you in and keeping you interested until
the very last page!

Carol Gave Flawlessly Executed

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