Friday, November 21, 2014

Review-Misha by Kathi S. Barton

22846217 Book Title – Misha
Author – Kathi S. Barton
Publisher – Kathi S. Barton
ISBN/ASIN -   9781629891392
Genre –Fantasy > Paranormal 


“I’m Misha. Say it please. I want to hear you say my name.” Her breathless reply had him grinning. “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha. Say it, Hannah. Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”
“I don’t know how. Know how to kiss at all.” He brushed his mouth over hers, happy with her confession. “You should stop now.”
He ran his tongue over her lips and watched as she ran her own over her lips, as if she were tasting him there. With a small groan, he took her lower lip into his mouth and suckled it until she put her hand on his arm. Her breathless “Don’t” made him want more.

Kathi Barton, author of the bestselling series Force of Nature, lives in Nashport, Ohio with her husband Paul. In addition to writing full time Kathi likes to spend time with her eight grandkids, three children and three children-in-laws. She writes to relax and have fun.
Her muse, a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Hugh Jackman brings them to life for her readers in a way that has them coming back time and again for more. Her favorite genre is paranormal romance with a great deal of spice. You can visit Kathi on line and drop her an email if you’d like. She loves hearing from her fans.


WOW!! Let me just say my friend Charlene kept telling me I needed to read the
books from this Author but I kept putting it off.  I am so glad she
kept posting about them.  I choose Misha because I had never read a
leopard shifter book.  I didn't like Misha when I first started  reading this book.
He was a first class prick! It took Hannah peeling back the layers of her very
abused childhood for him to finally soften.  This is a great book about two people
who never wanted to fall in love.  It is about their journey and what a great one it is.
I can't wait for the next book in the series!
Carol Gave Misha
5 stars

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