Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review-First Taste by Mira Bailee

Book Title – First Taste
Author – Mira Bailee
Publisher –
Genre – 

 They're the world's sexiest bachelors. The men of ScandalLust mag's infamous Lust List are young, wealthy, and, oh, did we mention? HOT. 

When scandal follows them everywhere, there’s no hiding from the cameras.

They're irresistible, insatiable—and talented in all the right ways. Every woman wants them. But these playboys won't be easy to catch...

Olivia Margot didn’t struggle through college just to serve Hollywood’s elite. But student loans won’t pay themselves, and a gorgeous Stone brother just insisted she cater an event at his family’s mansion. 

Devon Stone—sexy, black sheep of Stone Record Label fame—has always been a mischievous tabloid favorite. Now that he’s on The Lust List, it’s that much harder to keep out of trouble. 

And that’s exactly what he is: Trouble. Olivia’s always been a good girl. And this bad boy is more risk than she can handle. 

A beer-brewing librarian, has been writing leisurely, scholarly, and professionally for the past twenty years. First Taste is her kickoff as an independently-published author.
While she’s always maintained a high standard of chaos in her daily routine, The Lust List allows her to pass on some of her hectic lifestyle to her characters. Her storytelling balances humor and pleasure with sincerity and conflict, providing a wild ride of human emotions.
In the past she studied filmmaking and screenwriting and determines what goes on behind the scenes is just as tantalizing as what’s seen in front of the camera. This revelation is the basis for her inspiration for The Lust List.

I enjoyed the book. There were some funny moments and some moments when the heroine needed the crap shook plain out of her ;) The books brings forth lots of frustration, anxiety, and a couple almost there steamy scenes. I almost felt like it was a little rushed though. The book takes place in a 1 week time frame so hopefully the next book in the series elaborates a little more on the relationship. I look forward to reading more about them.

It is a good quick read if you are looking for something in a pinch.

                 Katrina gave First Taste

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