Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review-Chrystal Bones by Billie Jo Hanlin

23268668 Book Title – Chrystal Bones
Author – Jo Hanlin
Publisher –  Jo Hanlin
Genre -

She was the only Chrystal Woman born in two thousand years. Born of legend with the ability feel the emotions of those around her and to hear their every thought with a touch. She was destined to save her dying planet. When she was nine the unthinkable happened and she was presumed dead in a fiery explosion on her first trip into space.
Thrown across the universe, her escape pod landed on a hostile planet where she was captured and held prisoner for two years before she escaped. Hiding among the street kids of Seattle she grew into a strong woman who didn't trust anyone but her friend and partner Riley and the tiger who had become her constant companion. Together with their unique abilities she and Riley find and return lost and kidnapped children to their loving parents.
All hope was gone for Shillidon until a bizarre series of events led the space ship Trilleion to Earth. Among the crew was her brother Idris, and the man destined to be hers.
Jayden led a small but elite group of men that were called in as a last resort to solve the problems that others created, by any means necessary.
Join Blue and Jayden on their journey to learn to love and trust each other. With danger behind every star will they make it to Shillidon in time to save the dying planet from the Ragillians or will the Ragillians succeed in making sure that this time she stay dead?



about the Author purple

Billie Jo Hanlin I am 46 years old and have been married for 29 years. Yes for those of you doing the math I have been with my husband since I was 16. We have had our ups and downs but I don't regret a single moment spent with him. He truly is the love of my life.
I have a wonderful 27 year old son who is the biggest joy in my life and he calls his mom almost everyday. (Mostly when he is driving back and forth to work, but hey I will take what I can get.)
I have always loved to read and stories have been floating around in my head for as long as I can remember. In January I had a health scare that made me look at my life and make a few decisions. One of those was to do what I have dreamed of and put those stories on paper or in this day and age, on the computer. The health scare turned out to be not a big deal but I was still determined to write my stories.



I loved the opening scene of this book!
I could vision myself there.  This Author
has a way with detail. You will fall in love
with her characters. This book was entertaining
and kept me on the edge of my seat.
I don't give away spoilers.  There is no way to
sum everything that happens up in a couple of paragraphs
to tell how good this book really is!  I can't wait
until the next book comes out!

Carol Chrystal Bones
5 stars

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