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Review-New Regime by Laken Cane

23226681 Book Title – New Regime
Author – Laken Cane
Publisher – Laken Cane
Genre –Fantasy > Paranormal

Rune and her people have been taken under the mysterious wing of the Annex, an agency that works toward Other equality.
But with the new regime comes changes and some monstrous enemies the Annex seems to have brought with it.
The crew finds themselves up against a group called the Shop, whose leader cares only about his lab and the monsters he creates there.
But he hasn't been able to build monsters he can use or sell...until now.
Now Rune must follow a path of horror that leads from a little werefox named Megan to a town full of evil in Reverence, Kentucky, and find a way to defeat something worse than blades or guns or bombs.
She can't use her claws on magic.
Can she?

In book five of the Rune Alexander series, Rune must deal with not only the monsters, but the escalating tension between the berserker and Owen, flashbacks from the COS attack, and the fear that she's losing Levi to the chasm of darkness started by Karin Love and deepened by the slayers.

She and her crew will fight with everything they've got to defeat the evil, even if some of that darkness lives inside each one of them.
Because they're Shiv Crew, and that is what they do.

Laken Cane  
Laken Cane is an urban fantasy writer living in Ohio. Her debut book, Shiv Crew, is a dark urban fantasy and is followed by Blood and Bite, Strange Trouble, Obsidian Wings , and now New Regime

 This is such an amazing series and here a few reasons why:

LEX- She's one hell of a demon. She does have "mommy issues", but I'm sure she will overcome them with the help of her new family, The Shiv Crew,

Denim and Levi- The twins are a perfect fighting machine. They had some issues with Lex's mother as well, but the three of them managed to escape and find Rune. They were kidnapped and had to endure torture that ultimately built a closer bond with Rune.

Owen Five- Who is this cowboy?? I know two things for sure about Owen. First he has his sights set on Rune and nothing is going to change his mind. Two he can take a punch!

Raze and Jack are Rune's giants and they have been with her since book one! They are as loving and caring as they are deadly!

The Berserker- He has an overwhelming need to protect Rune. He's addicted to her in more ways than one!

Ellis- He's the heart of the crew. He was there for Rune to keep her secrets when she needed him to. Neither of them can image life without the other. He has some hurdles to overcome, but he will never leave her side.

Gunner- Has to be one of if not my favorite character in the series. Not an official member of the Shiv Crew, but no less important. He gives Rune information on the others. Of course it will cost her. Luckily he's addicted to Baby Ruth's! I just love his greeting for Rune. Gunner has stolen my heart!

Rune- Our leader! Rune has changed since book one. All in good ways. She now asks her crew for help and grateful to have them. With half the crew addicted to her she understand how important it is for her to live. Some in the book see Rune as being soft. I see her as finally accepting happiness and love with the family she has created! Acceptance for who and what she is.

She is the monster and the monster is her.

There are also many minor characters that I sense will be playing a bigger role in upcoming books. These characters I mentioned are the reason I continue to follow the series. In order to get the full appreciation of the series you need to start at the beginning. Are you addicted to the Shiv Crew yet? You will be!

Because that's what they do
They are the Shiv Crew

                SB gave New Regime
5 starsNew Regime (Rune Alexander, #5)

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