Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review-Hopeful Leigh by Melanie James

23282576 Book Title – Hopeful Leigh
Author – Melanie James
Publisher –Black Paw Publishing
Genre –Romance, Fantasy

If Leigh has learned anything this summer, it’s that magic can be chaotic. Despite some headline making disasters in her last diary, Leigh is eternally hopeful. With Four-bitten Fangtasy behind her, Leigh decides to write a little paranormal erotica with her newest disasterpiece, Bangin’ the Billion-were. She even takes on a rehash of the popular YA dystopian genre, in her novella Regurgitant. It seems that even the editing of other author’s writing can make her unwittingly fire up her literal-witchcraft. Leigh finds out how bad things can get when her friends ask her to edit their own cowboy-biker book, Steel Stetsons. Despite the flurry of writing, Leigh’s romantic heart is racing. Her boyfriend, Hunter will finally graduate from the Chicago Police Academy. Will Leigh and Hunter finally be able to enjoy some quality time on a camping trip? What will Leigh think of Hunter’s unique family? What is Luna capable of when pushed to an act of desperation?
It seems Randy “Johnson” (Designer at Paranormal Chic) and Gertie have unwittingly uncovered a new mystery for Leigh and her hapless coven to sort out. Now, the upcoming Witches Halloween Gala is in jeopardy, not to mention the future of civilization. Follow these magical misfits, as they travel half way around the world to a hexed Scottish Castle and take on the very essence of evil, in Hopeful Leigh.

Melanie James  
Bestselling author Melanie James spent 14 years as an IT systems administrator before tiring of the hustle and bustle of the technology world. She's doing what she loves by writing steamy paranormal, contemporary and romantic comedy books. Melanie has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in Leadership and Development, with a minor in Women's Studies. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Adult Education at the University of Wisconsin- Stout. She will graduate in the fall of 2014.
She is married to a wonderful man who supports her dreams and goals. She has two children, three step-children, a beautiful daughter-in-law and an adorable grand-baby.

The madcap crew is back in the 3rd book of the Leigh series. Double, double, toil and trouble~~~~~~~
Leigh's friends, Lindsey and Kelly, want Leigh to do a tune up story on their hottie boyfriends, Derek and Luke. As usual, things do not go as planned in real life. Leigh is also writing two other stories, "Banging the Billion-were" (about a billionaire werewolf) and "Regurgitant" (about zombie vampires from the Ice Age called Zompires). Can you imagine the trouble she gets into from these titles?

Then there is a new witch, Emily, who also causes mayhem. Gertie and Brad come together again and Leigh and the girls give Gertie some sex education-oh boy!! There's a castle in Scotland that has a painting of Leigh's witch desk-why? Hunter has graduated from the police academy and is now a bone fide policeman. As a treat he and Leigh are going on a camping trip to Minne-goddam-sota and she'll meet his family, including his hippie parents. Gertie made the girls some magical dresses-hee hee!! Loved the nice pink "worm" that was slithering around too!
There is so much going on in this story and I was laughing so hard throughout it all. Each book better and funnier. So looking forward to the next one, Haunting Leigh, and I'm sure this one is going to be a doozy!!
This book was a gift from the author.

              Betty gave Hopeful Leigh
5 stars

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