Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review-Lost In Hotels by M. Martin

 What if you met someone you'd risk your marriage, family and entire life just to get to know? Catherine is lost in a mid-level magazine job and marriage to a man she felt was her last chance at love. Unfulfilled but now resigned to her life as a wife and working mother, she begs for a travel assignment to Rio that takes her away from it all - even if for a few days. It's at a fabulous rooftop pool overlooking Ipanema Beach that she meets David, a consummate bachelor and venture capitalist with impeccable breeding punctuated by an Essex accent. In the passing of a day, David shows Catherine more of life than she's lived in years. Lost in the crashing waves of an afternoon thunderstorm in Rio, a single kiss leads to a series of unforgettable liaisons tracking lions in the wild African bush, swimming in the warm volcanic waters off Italy's Aeolian Islands and discovering the secret hallways of the Ritz Paris as each meeting reveals David to be so much more than she ever expected.

 M. Martin founded the luxury travel website JetSetReport, a global guide to the world's most glamorous destinations. As a former US Editor of RED Magazine UK and nationally syndicated columnist, a love of discovering far-away places from Jose Ignacio to Panarea led to a career in travel. M. Martin lives in Los Angeles.

 Catherine is stuck in an empty marriage. She wakes up, takes care of her son, spends time with her husband and goes to work. She feels like she lacks a purpose and wants more. Catherine ventures to Rio and it changes her. She crashes into David who is someone that we wait our whole life for.

David doesn't commit to relationship at all but there's something about Catherine that inspires him. He falls hard and fast for Catherine needing her but she's hiding the ultimate secret that could destroy everything they've built.
I enjoyed Lost In Hotels but felt like I was left hanging. The ending didn't feel complete for me. We are led down this winding journey between Catherine and David but I feel like her inner turmoil wasn't clearly expressed. Overall the story was solid and I enjoyed it.
Felicity gave Lost In Hotels
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