Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review-Highland Storm by Victoria Zak

Book Title – Highland Storm
Author – Victoria Zak
Publisher – Victoria Zak
Genre –Fantasy > Paranormal

 A long forgotten Ancient kingdom has been awakened and threatens to change the Dragonkine world forever. 

Can passion weather the dragon’s storm? 

The only true pleasures in life Conall Hamilton yearned for were to marry a good woman, raise a family, and hide away into seclusion to live a normal life away from battle and war, not an easy task for the Dragonkine warrior and Clan Douglas’s second in command. Assigned to investigate an allied clan, he vows upon his return to marry his love, Effie. That’s until the Dragonkine warrior finds himself accused of a crime he did not commit, murder. Imprisoned, he must find a way to escape not only to save his own life but to save the life of the woman he loves. 

In time the past will catch up with you… 

Effie Douglas is a survivor. Though not born a Douglas, Effie leaves her old life behind to seek safety within Clan Douglas. For five years Conall Hamilton has been her secret lover and savior, helping her pick up the pieces of her damaged past. Hiding the true nature of their relationship from their clan had become a burden for the red-headed lass and now she desires more. She wants Conall’s name. When Effie is summoned home, she is plagued with unwanted memories, treachery, and new found information that will change her life forever. Will Effie have the courage and strength to weather the storm that rages around her?

Victoria  Zak  
Victoria Zak lives in the sunshine state with her husband, two beautiful children, and three furry friends. Before having kids, Victoria spent fifteen years in the veterinary business and volunteered in pet rescue.
“One of my most rewarding jobs was finding unwanted animals their forever homes.”
A writing career was the last item listed on her bucket list, until she discovered that she wanted to put her stories on paper and breathe life into her characters. Her love for Scotland, curiosity of history, and passion for romance has inspired her to write her first book, Highland Burn.
“Fourteenth century Scotland was a fascinating time in history. Not only was Scotland fighting for their freedom from the English king, their own people fought each other; clan vs clan. Though being a woman of the twenty-first century, I wouldn’t want to live in those unsettled times. But writing historical fiction paranormal romance allows me to escape into their world and breathe a fresh air of romance and magic into that era, which I love to do.”

 This is book 2 of the Guardians of Scotland Series and it's Conall Hamilton and Effie Maxwell's story.

Conall has had a hard life. When he lost is wife and son, he joined the Knights of Templar. Conall escaped when the French King went after the Templar's. Lord James Douglas, also the Dragonkine commander, befriended Conall and gave Conall a purpose in life again. He became one of Lord James' best friends and warrior and he also happens to be a silver and gray storm dragon. Conall has found a new love in Effie Maxwell. Effie had escaped from her home because of the mental and physical abuse of her bastard (literally) brother, who was jealous of the love she shared with their father. She has been hiding at the Douglas Castle for 5 years. She loves Conall too, but wants more, she wants to be his wife and not just his lover.

Some unforeseen events happen and this fantastic story takes off. Will the two lovers get married? Be prepared for lots of sexy romance,
suspense and mayhem. The author really engages your emotions from the start to finish! I can't wait to see what awaits us in the next book.

                   Betty gave Highland Storm
5 stars

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